18 april - 18 may
Chipping Off the Extras. Getting to the Essence.
The world's most popular video game Minecraft is becoming an art platform for contemporary art. We invite you to attend the Libertile Art Show inside Minecraft

Over one thousand people visited the virtual gallery in the game and more than 500 000 viewers watched the broadcasts on Twitch and VK.
LIBERTILE is art for each and everyone. The main idea of the project is to transform ordinary bricks into contemporary and unique art objects, available not only to a private club of collectors, but also to the public.
Brick-shaped exhibition hall has been created exclusively for this event resembled the mansion from Drake's Toosie Slide video, which the artist shot being self-isolated.
Photography by Jason Schmidt from the article "Inside Rapper Drake's Manor House in Hometown Toronto" Architectural Digest
«I'm an eclectic artist. In my craft I prefer to mix elements and experiment with different materials. This time around I took an ordinary industrial feature which was a brick and turned it into a segment of art. The idea of exhibiting it in a regular white-walled gallery seemed too boring to me. Not like I have anything against it, but it was just not meant for this project. While looking for a special place to display my art I came up with an idea of an exhibition in an actual video game. A lot of people are hanging out in a web space rather than in art galleries nowadays. So I decided to deliver my ideas to their habitat. Minecraft was an obvious solution since in this game everything is made of pixel bricks which definitely rhymes well with the concept of Libertile».
Michael Tsaturyan
Artist | Designer
Picked Publications
The exhibition featured nearly 50 works in which the author analyses "brick by brick" the evolution of visual culture through the centuries: urban environment, classical art, design, fashion, and pop culture.

Show curated by #DarkART gallery.
«Minecraft is a world of its own inside our world, and there are some people who literally live in it. We have arranged two big holidays for its inhabitants, and those under quarantine have this amazing opportunity to discover a whole new world and have fun.».
Andrey Levin
#DarkART gallery founder
Opening Ceremony
The grand opening was followed by the stand-up comedy show, followed by faux-British parody grime-rapper SKEMTA who presented an exclusive single called "Misha Tsaturyan". Even more remarkable events have followed on the second day. Composer and pianist Kirill Richter played a piano concert featuring compositions from his "Chronos" album. Experimental Theater 633 of DSTU students performed "On the fight against the Pechenegs".
Libertile Minecraft Art Show Opening. Day 1
Libertile Minecraft Art Show Opening. Day 2
How to get there?
Minecraft Version: 1.15.2
Server: dstu.ru.com
Special thanks to the general partner of the exhibition, BRAER brick factory. Once the restrictions on public events are lifted, virtual art objects will be transferred to the real world and featured at a physical exhibition in a usual format.
About the Artist
Michael Tsaturyan | Misha Libertee
Michael Tsaturyan (Misha Libertee) is an artist and industrial designer. In 2018, he brought to Burning Man a virtual gallery Holoquarium with works of 3D artists from all over the world, and in 2019 - 23-meter #Slonik, designed to draw attention to the problem of endangered elephants in Africa and Asia. After success at Burning Man, #Slonik went on a tour over California - Burning Man Decompression in San Francisco and Venice Afterburn in Los Angeles. That same year Misha created a whole minimalistic collection of animal sculptures - Inflatable Candies, which was announced at the Artists Playground by Pullman in Dubai. And later, he presented the entire collection in Miami at the Pulse Art Fair.
In 2020, Michael came up with the new LIBERTILE idea, which he intends to attract young and progressive viewers into the world of art.
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