14 - 30 August 2020
Michael Tsaturyan's Exhibition at Contemporary Art Center Winzavod
After the first exhibition of contemporary art in Minecraft, Michael goes into the real world and shows now physical objects.

After the first exhibition of contemporary art in the space game Minecraft, Mikhail goes into the real world and shows now material objects.
Libertile is an exhibition of contemporary art and design. The focus is on an object unusual for contemporary art - a brick. Many iconic objects are in fact "bricks" that make up the cultural baggage of humanity. Tsaturyan plays with famous characters and plots through an ordinary object of the urban environment, from which built entire cities. As in the case of classical subjects, today's significant events and phenomena also "turn to stone" in the hands of the artist, becoming the bricks that builds the history.
«The project was originally conceived as an exclusive product for my Instagram followers. I wanted to come up with a very affordable and aesthetic form as an inexpensive ticket to the elite world of collecting - and that form became brick. And I started thinking about a full-scale exhibition after I got acquainted with representatives of the Braer brick factory, who offered to support the project».
Michael Tsaturyan
The Artist
The exhibition will feature about 50 works, including collages and interactive installations, in which the artist analyzes the entire visual culture that has been created over the centuries: urban environment, classical art, design, fashion, pop culture. The viewer reads cultural codes, references, because they are firmly entrenched in our minds - even if it is not always possible to remember what exactly is in front of us, what exactly this or that image reminds of.

4-Y Syromyatnicheskiy Pereulok, 1/8 строение 6, Moscow, 105120
Open daily 11:00am - 8:00pm
14 - 30 Auust 2020
Free Entrance
About the Artist
Michael Tsaturyan
Michael Tsaturyan (Misha Libertee) is an artist and industrial designer. In 2018, he brought to Burning Man a virtual gallery Holoquarium with works of 3D artists from all over the world, and in 2019 - 23-meter #Slonik, designed to draw attention to the problem of endangered elephants in Africa and Asia. After success at Burning Man, #Slonik went on a tour over California - Burning Man Decompression in San Francisco and Venice Afterburn in Los Angeles. That same year Misha created a whole minimalistic collection of animal sculptures - Inflatable Candies, which was announced at the Artists Playground by Pullman in Dubai. And later, he presented the entire collection in Miami at the Pulse Art Fair.
In 2020, Michael came up with the new LIBERTILE idea, which he intends to attract young and progressive viewers into the world of art.
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